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With yesterday being the second anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda), which hit the Philippines on November 8th 2013, Researcher Mirca Madianou, of Goldsmiths University of London, considers how we can assess the role of communication technologies in disaster recovery. Read more

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Communication technologies can give victims of disaster a voice. But those who are most in need are not heard because they lack access to these technologies and the skills to use them. Read more

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On November 8th 2013 Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. It remains the strongest storm recorded, with over 6,300 casualties and more than 12 million people displaced or otherwise affected. In this essay, Dr Mirca Madianou explores the lessons learned about the role of digital media in disaster recovery. Read more

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‘The use of different strokes for different folks has resulted in different capacities for recovery, with implications on how people are reorienting their lives in the post-Yolanda context’. Read more

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On November 8 2013, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. One of the largest tropical storms ever to make landfall, it killed more than 10,000 people and left millions homeless. The vast recovery effort since then has been difficult to say the least. Read more

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There is a Tacloban with a face of redevelopment and change. But there is another Tacloban: one of mundane poverty made exceptional by Yolanda. Read more